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We live in a digital age where keeping up with new technologies is both exciting and, at times, confusing. Yet we believe the excitement largely exceeds the issues of figuring out the settings and features of new gadgets. The field of photography is no exception where smartphones can shoot almost as good as a high-end camera. What if we were to tell you that you can boost your smartphone photography game to an even larger scale? We are talking about ZoomShot Pro attachable smartphone lens. A telescopic lens, to be precise. This invention is the perfect toy for everyone who enjoys taking pictures, from amateurs to advanced photographers. Are you familiar with that rewarding feeling of taking a stunning picture? Well, ZoomShot Pro will make it an everyday thing.


  • Magnification range 10-300X. With that magnifying power you can explore objects from even 6 miles away. All the other telescopes can barely compete, and nothing comes close to this level of zoom in a device of this size today.
  • Clearer scenes. ZoomShot Pro is known for its excellent light transmittance and brightness, thus resulting in clear, sharp, and colourful pictures.
  • Night vision. Night photography is an art in itself because photographing objects in low light requires a lot of skill. ZoomShot Pro helps you out in this struggle. Turn on auto-focus and let ZoomShot Pro do the rest.
  • A tripod. ZoomShot Pro package includes a tripod – a tool that comes in handy when you want to take pictures at night or with less blur in general. Your shaking hand will not stand in your way of taking that awe-inspiring picture!
  • Manual focus. Manual focus is always a good idea if you want to blur the background or create the sensation of immense depth in your picture. ZoomShot Pro has this feature as well, like any respectable lens should.
  • Durable. ZoomShot Pro is that item that will probably be around even in the harshest conditions and wildest adventures. Its titanium shell is shock and break resistant and the whole device is waterproof unlike most other lenses. A point for ZoomShot Pro!
  • Cost-effective. We risk being redundant about the price but it’s really mind-blowing that you can get such a great product at a relatively low price. You don’t have to spend thousands collecting your photography gear – what you need is right here.
  • High-quality. ZoomShot Pro is definitely a product of superb quality. It’s resilient, waterproof, and has a magnifying power that is out of this world.


Essentially, ZoomShot Pro is a mix of latest technologies that were thoughtfully implemented in this device. This includes nano-array technology, thin-film mosaic technology, and nano-etching technology. This gives the best possible results and an unforgettable experience. The magnification of this device is outstanding and you’re able to zoom in on objects that are as far as 6 miles away. It’s an entertainment in itself, let alone the fantastic photographs you’ll be able to take! No regular telescope can compete with ZoomShot Pro, we know this for a fact.


Is there even a question? Absolutely! Camera lenses typically cost a fortune and usually you need more than one if you want to become good at it. It is not the case with ZoomShot Pro because you don’t have to empty your pockets for a gadget that does just as much as other lenses do! Experiment, try different distances, and have fun while taking your dream photos with ZoomShot Pro. Our customers worldwide happily agree that this device is worth every penny!


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ZoomShot Pro is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.